A live online show is a special event, with a lot of benefits. Our shows ......

  • ...are really live. There is always a special excitement around  a live show.

  • ...are more than just the show. You can build anticipation and follow-up afterwards. 

  • ...are fun. They always provide a positive shared experience. 

  • with important social and personal topics.


1984 vs Brave New World portrays the worlds of two great famous futuristic novels, At the end of the show the audience get to vote which novel they think is most relevant to us and our society today. The show also finds  a light and interactive way to discuss the main themes of misinformation, goverment surveillence, genetic engineering and social conditioning.


Sherlock Holmes, Two Cases to Solve combines problem solving with pure fun. You get to personally meet the famous detective before working on two cases. Each case is presented clearly, step by step, so that you have time to think, discuss, and solve the case for yourself.

The show stars Gregory Gudgeon (ex Globe Theatre) as Sherlock Holmes.

Jackie and the Giant is an extremely dynamic and interactive show for children. A young girl (Jackie) is running away from a bad giant who wants to eat her. He would also like to eat the children who are watching at home! This show never fails to totally engage younger children, whether in a theatre or at hime online. 

Other shows are available on request.